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Joe’s Blog: A Santa Fe 4th of July

Many flags have flown over Santa Fe from long before the first celebration of the 4th of July. New Mexico would not become any legal part of the United States until 1848 following the Mexican-American War. So the first 4th … Continue reading

Canyon Road | Many Things to Many People

Canyon Road is many things to many people. For art collectors, it’s a world-renowned address, home of some of the finest galleries in the United States. For locals, it’s a place of celebration – where Christmas is welcomed with flickering … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: The Santa Fe Opera

Nestled in the mountains of New Mexico, the Santa Fe Opera theater has captivated visitors for years with its brilliant architecture, state of the art productions, and an unrivaled natural backdrop. This vibrant cultural institution is an integral part of any … Continue reading

Mike’s Blog: The Hot Springs of New Mexico

Among the many natural resources the state has to offer, few are as conducive to well being as the hot springs. Soaking in hot, natural waters, is one of the primal pleasures of humanity – a pleasure shared by many … Continue reading


THE CONFEDERATE FLAG FLIES OVER SANTA FE Sibley reached Santa Fe on March 13, 1862 (having set out from Texas on February 23, but not before the Union had destroyed the town’s supplies).  The Confederate’s New Mexico campaign that was … Continue reading


“THE GETTYSBURG OF THE WEST” – THE BATTLE OF GLORIETA PASS PART 1: THE NEW MEXICO CAMPAIGN TO SEIZE THE U.S. WESTERN TERRITORIES   Located less than a half hour away from the Inn on the Alameda, the battlefield of … Continue reading

Joe and Mike’s Blog: El Ranch de las Golandrinas or Ranch of the Swallows

This beautiful rural and rustic museum to the south of Santa Fe is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Anyone interested in livestock, farming, culture and living conditions during the early Southwest’s history will find this restored one-time caravanserai … Continue reading

Mike’s Blog: The Heart of Santa Fe, The Plaza

Few cities are more inextricably tied to a central physical space than Santa Fe is to the Plaza. Santa Fe Plaza provided a definition and boundary between the state of ‘civilization’ for the Spanish and the ‘frontier’ without. In creating … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: Saint Patrick’s Day and the Importance of the Irish in New Mexico

  Saint Patrick is the pre-eminent patron saint of Ireland whom we recognize annually every  March 17th. This annual day of celebration in remembrance of Saint Patrick is an important spring festival in its own right, except when Easter falls on this … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: Kite Flying Styles, The American Science and the Japanese Artistic

Most of us think of Benjamin Franklin when we think of the first kites. His famous experiment in 1752 “discovered” electricity by capturing negative charges from static electricity passing overhead while he flew a kite with a metal key attached. … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: Love…Santa Fe Style!

In spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love.  Saint Valentine himself was a martyr in ancient Rome but it is unclear how his name became associated with “Valentine’s Day”.  In 496, Pope Gelasius established the Feast of  Saint Valentine … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: 10th Mountain Division’s Role in the Ski Basins of the Rocky Mountains

The history of the ski industry in America has a special interest for Santa Fe, surprisingly combining our city’s beautiful ski basin with the defense industry that’s been such a major factor in New Mexican history.  If the US had … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: New Mexico Statehood is 102

January 6th, 2014 is the 102nd anniversary of New Mexican Statehood, which makes this a good time to take a look at the exciting and unique history of our town dating back much further than our statehood.  The story of … Continue reading

Joe’s Blog: Luminario or Farolito? Either Way it Makes Santa Fe Sparkle

The time around the holidays in Santa Fe is one of the most marvelous times of the year. Even if we do not have snow for the famous Christmas Eve Canyon Road walk, history has entrusted us with traditions that … Continue reading

The Agoyo Lounge

The Inn on the Alameda would like to welcome you to our NEW restaurant the Agoyo Lounge! Open 5:00pm-10:00pm EVERYDAY Organic Green Salad Pulled Pork Panini and Jicama Slaw Caprese Salad and our Chef Check out the Menu!

Santa Fe, Easter 2013

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, we wish you a season of new beginnings!

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Comes Home for Spring

Did you know that Santa Fe has a ballet company? Yes, we share, but what a great dance partner we have in Aspen, CO! For seventeen years, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet has made Santa Fe its second home, and local … Continue reading

March is Santa Fe DIY!

We know that many of you out there are celebrating the imminent arrival of warm weather with a spring break getaway. Thinking ahead of ways to make a Santa Fe vacation into a unique experience, the City Different has partnered … Continue reading

Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage in Santa Fe

Take a renowned portrait photographer, give her the time and opportunity to shoot some iconic artifacts and unique locations, and you end up with portraiture by proxy. The artist herself says it best: “It’s a big country out there. Go … Continue reading

Happy Santa Fe Valentine’s Day

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu ~ May you enjoy loving and being loved today.

Annie Leibovitz in Santa Fe at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum February 15-May 5, 2013 Since its inception, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum has had as part of its mission the celebration of women artists. And this year, Santa Fe is in for a … Continue reading

The Santa Fe Railyard

Did you know that Santa Fe has a real railroad history? Due to the mountainous terrain around the city, the major New Mexico rail hub during the late 1800′s was actually in Las Vegas, NM, but a spur line was built … Continue reading

Santa Fe Music – It’s Not Just Opera!

Santa Fe has a vibrant musical scene, and not just during the summer season, when we welcome the Santa Fe Opera and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. We are fortunate that our small town is rich in talented musicians … Continue reading

Winter Outings in Santa Fe

With a whole string of brief storms whirling though the Southwest this winter, the mountains above Santa Fe are primed with snow and full of opportunities for skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, or just taking a short walk up on a snow-packed … Continue reading

Happy New Year from Santa Fe NM

The world has turned around for another 365 days, and now we start another new year. May 2013 bring peace, prosperity and pleasurable travel to all…Prospero Ano Nuevo!

Merry Santa Fe Christmas

From farolitos on the Plaza to a midnight dance in a small pueblo church, from roasted chestnuts (yes, we did!) to tasty tamales, from silent night to joyful morning, and even the bonus of a truly white Christmas, Santa Fe … Continue reading

Ski Santa Fe…and Taos!

The snow has come to Santa Fe, and we are delighted! More snow is predicted for the holiday, and we may even have that fabled White Christmas. Ski Santa Fe opened on December 15, a little later than the hoped-for … Continue reading

A Santa Fe Christmas!

We’re thinking holidays, how about you? Planning to travel to New Mexico in December? We are happy to offer some suggestions to make your Santa Fe holiday travel bright! Here at the Inn on the Alameda, we welcome the arrival … Continue reading

The White Fir

It’s the time of year here in Santa Fe when an afternoon ramble in the mountains seems like the perfect way to refresh your spirits after a late breakfast, or a bout of Christmas shopping among the shops downtown. A … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Blessings from Santa Fe

Wishing you a table of plenty with family and friends gathered round to celebrate the blessings of the season!

First Snow

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and over this past weekend the Southern Rockies made their annual abrupt bump down from autumn to winter. Temperatures plunged, and Santa Fe awoke to a dusting of snow on Sunday morning. … Continue reading

Tracy Ritter at the Santa Fe School of Cooking

Santa Fe School of Cooking, 125 North Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM 87501 505-983-4511 As many of our friends no doubt know, for many years, the Inn has partnered with the Santa Fe School of Cooking to offer our tasty and … Continue reading

A good world –

My cane hooked upon the wall, I lie at peace in moonlight Or, hearing water plashing on the rock, Sit up: none can purchase pleasure such as this: Spangled across the step-moss, a million coins! SHUTAKU (1308 – 88) For … Continue reading

Santa Fe Celebrates Georgia O’Keeffe 125th Anniversary

November 15 is a very special day for lovers of Georgia O’Keeffe, and the 125th anniversary of the birth of the famed New Mexico artist gave us a chance to do something different to celebrate! To mark the 125th anniversary … Continue reading

Following the Light

As the days shorten and the temperature drops here in the Southern Rockies, fall color begins to move downward into the mid-elevation canyons below the crest of the mountains, spilling down like trickles of bright paint toward the old Spanish … Continue reading

Inn on the Alameda FAQs

Although so many of our guests return to us again and again – yes, that’s over 40% of you – we know that those new to the Inn probably have a few questions. So we thought we’d offer the answers … Continue reading

The Quietly Changing Seasons

‘Then there was the good weather. It would come in one day when the summer was over.’ Apologies to Ernest Hemingway and the opening lines of A Moveable Feast, but I couldn’t help thinking of that quiet commencement as I … Continue reading

Viva la Fiesta de Santa Fe!

A favorite time of year is here! The clement autumn weather is perfect, and the local festivities remind us of how rich and grounded the City Different is in its fascinating history and culture. One of the oldest capitals in … Continue reading

Santa Fe FAQs

For those with Santa Fe travel in their minds, a primer can be helpful. With that in mind, here are answers to some typical questions about our City Different! Is Santa Fe a desert like Arizona? Most definitely not! While … Continue reading


During my weekend walks up in the mountains, lately, I’ve been exploring a little away from the network of  trails that weave their way through the Santa Fe National Forest just above Santa Fe. It’s nothing you couldn’t do yourself; … Continue reading

Santa Fe Opera Season Success

It’s been my great, good fortune to have seen the entire Santa Fe Opera season, and to my mind (recall that yours truly is an opera enthusiast not a music critic), Mr. McKay and company saved the best for last! … Continue reading

Spanish Market Santa Fe

For lovers of art and heritage, the upcoming weekend promises many delights, as the 61st annual Santa Fe Spanish Market swings into the Plaza. With 183 artists in the Market, and an additional 52 youth artists exhibiting their work, this is … Continue reading

Santa Fe Opera Premieres

July is the month for Santa Fe Opera premieres! This past weekend brought the riveting and seldom-seen drama, Maometto II, composed by Giaochino Rossini, better known to opera audiences for his comic operas. Coming this weekend is King Roger, by … Continue reading

Tesuque Creek

We’re finally getting our summer rains here in Santa Fe, after a brutally dry and hot June, and now the challenge for you hikers and trail bikers out there is, just how early in the morning do you want to … Continue reading

Santa Fe Opera…Summer Season At Last!

The Santa Fe Opera, 7 miles north of Santa Fe on Highway 84/285 800-280-4654 http://www.santafeopera.org/tickets/index.aspx “I have longed for the sound of your voice.” So sings Nadir in Georges Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers. And that’s an apt reflection of  my feelings … Continue reading

High above Aspen Vista

When the weather gets hot in Santa Fe, as it has the past week or so, those big blue mountains to our east begin to look like a perfect place for a cooling walk or a refreshing picnic. A short … Continue reading

Summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yes, it’s summer, and the sunsets have been glorious, as will be the summer arts scene in the City Different. The Santa Fe Opera season opens on June 29th with a gala performance of Puccini’s Tosca. This year’s repertoire should be an … Continue reading

A Summer’s Day Hike to Nambe Lake

Summer weather opens up all of the wonderful high country hikes in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe, and if you’re up for a more challenging trek, be sure and put the hike to Nambe Lake – the … Continue reading

Gumball 3000 2012 Rolls Into Santa Fe

For a small town, we sure get some big action! Last night, the Gumball 3000 coast-to-coast road rally pulled into Santa Fe for a quick pit stop. Begun as a road race in 1999, this entourage has morphed into an aspirational … Continue reading

Memorial Day Santa Fe

We honor…….we commemorate……we bless……


Spring has gathered all its momentum now and the forests above Santa Fe have shaken off their slumber and thrown aside the winter blankets for good. A short drive from downtown into, say Hyde Memorial State Park, with its well-kept … Continue reading

Santa Fe Food Carts

Santa Fe, NM, is definitely a town on the radar of foodies everywhere for fine dining and unique regional cuisine. But sometimes, a street snack is just what the tummy ordered. Given the significantly smaller size of  the City Different, … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day from Santa Fe

A Blessing To Mothers Everywhere!  And to every single man, woman and child who loves them, we wish a joyous and loving Mother’s Day holiday spent with that most special lady in their lives.

Springtime in the Rockies

It seems like I was just writing about icy trails and late winter snowshoeing, but suddenly there’s been a change of scene and the mountains are stirring with new life and issuing invitations to have a walk. The snow has … Continue reading

Santa Fe Living, Water Loving!

Earth Day 2012 found us thinking about water, especially since the Santa Fe River has a gentle flow right now, thanks to the late spring snows and subsequent melt that we have so fortunately received. The Inn has a perfect … Continue reading

Santa Fe Independent Bookstores!

In an age where we’ve become inured to the news of one huge company swallowing up another, a streak of independence will shine brightly. While Amazon may be convenient, there is nothing quite like walking into a bookstore to hold … Continue reading

Looking out over Santa Fe

In keeping with the theme of “short hikes near Santa Fe” I have another suggestion for those of you with only a little time to spare for a walk in the woods: a section of the Dale Ball Trails up … Continue reading

Santa Fe Art & Poetry at the Community Gallery

Santa Fe Community Gallery, 201 West Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM Hours: Tue-Fri 10a-5p, Sat 10a-4p through June 8, 2012 Did you know that the  Santa Fe Community Convention Center includes a Community Gallery? It’s a nice little secret to … Continue reading

Bear Canyon

Springlike weather has reached high-altitude Santa Fe at last, creating that notorious restlessness that has you planting seeds in the garden too early and heading out to hiking trails up in the mountains still treacherous with ice. There are plenty … Continue reading

Santa Fe Visits SXSW Austin Texas!

We have always appreciated our Texas visitors, with their relaxed and congenial appreciation of all that Santa Fe has to offer, so when we had the chance to go straight to the source, we jumped right in! SXSW may have … Continue reading

Late Snow and Winter Walks

Although the calendar says Spring is almost here, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, and this past weekend she gave another touch up to the 155 inches of snow (!) she has showered on our peaks. Forecasters promise warmer weather … Continue reading

SITE Santa Fe: Time-Lapse

Time-Lapse at SITE Santa Fe 1606 Paseo de Peralta (505)989-1199 Exhibit runs from February 18-May 20,  2012 In addition to satisfying a taste for the the artistic permutations brought to us by our Museum of New Mexico system, with its … Continue reading

The Tyuonyi Overlook Trail

Even after years of visiting the park, I’ve discovered that Bandelier National Monument still has pleasant surprises concealed within its boundaries. Bandelier is one of the most popular day trips out of Santa Fe, just about an hour’s drive west of … Continue reading

On the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail

You probably have your favorite secret vice, and if you’re like us, it might just be….CHOCOLATE! We know that this Old World substance has garnered new respect and resonance today, when it is actually considered healtly, albeit in smaller doses … Continue reading

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith at Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe

Jaune Quick-to-see-Smith at Georgia O’Keeffe Museum 217 Johnson Street Santa Fe NM It’s actually hard to remember back before the O’Keeffe Museum was here. Of course, the Santa Fe lightbulb joke asks how many Santa Feans it takes to change … Continue reading

Winter Adventures in Santa Fe

The mountains above Santa Fe have been getting just about as much snow as anyplace in the Rockies this winter, and if you’re in the mood for a winter adventure, New Mexico is the place to come! Ski Santa Fe … Continue reading

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

One of the most remarkable hikes you can make in the entire American Southwest is all of about 40 minutes drive southwest of Santa Fe, in one of our newest National Monuments, Kasha-Katuwe. This phrase means “white cliffs” in the … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLVI? SOUPER Bowl XVIII Santa Fe!

Santa Fe Souper Bowl XVIII Santa Fe Community Convention Center 201 West Marcy Street Saturday, January 28, 2012 11:00 am – 1:30 pm Once a year, Santa Fe addresses the issue of hunger, because we know it exists in our … Continue reading

Only ONE Santa Fe Performance!

Our Aspen Santa Fe Ballet continues to deliver, this month bringing the celebrated Momix troupe – and Santa Fe favorite – to perform at the Lensic Center for the Performing Arts. Not content with simply demonstrating their extremely complex dance … Continue reading

The Coyote Call Trail

The winter light is so beautiful here in northern New Mexico that every weekend calls out for a walk somewhere in the country. This weekend was no exception, and that intriguing volcanic range on Santa Fe’s western skyline, the Jemez … Continue reading

A New Year’s Story

“When the world was very young, a beautiful tree began to grow in the forest. With every day that passed, the tree grew taller and taller. From its lofty place, the tree could look down on all the life of … Continue reading

Happy New Year ~ Prospero Ano Nuevo

As a new day dawns and a new year begins, we feel  hope and gratitude. Hope for a year with less conflict, more joy and a brighter future for our planet and all its inhabitants, great and small. Gratitude for … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to All….

And to all, a good night….and joyful day!

Happy Hanukkah Santa Fe!

The world holds many faiths, each with special holidays that we are glad to celebrate, and one begins today….it’s Hanukkah! New Mexico, like so many western outposts, has its Judaic history, with both travelers and businessman from the Old World and … Continue reading

Las Posadas: A Santa Fe Holiday Tradition

The holiday tradition of Las Posadas takes place on Sunday, December 11, at 5:30pm at the Palace of the Governors So much of the holiday season seems so familiar and so relentlessly repetitive, and once-only experiences are becoming a rarity. … Continue reading

From Stardust to Sardine Cans: a guided walk in the Cerrillos Hills

Consilience. That’s the word I suspect was trembling on the lips of our guide for the afternoon, Ranger Sarah Woods, as she led us for a walk with that eye-catching title, along a dusty, juniper-dotted trail in Cerrillos Hills State … Continue reading

Soaring on Raven’s Ridge

The other weekend I just had to get out for some exercise, and since my thoughts lately have been occupied planning some hikes up in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado next summer, I decided to head up to Ski … Continue reading

We Say Thanks, Santa Fe!

This is a favorite holiday for so many people…..and no wonder. For us, Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on the blessings we enjoy by living in Santa Fe and the Land of Enchantment. The climate, the mountains, the light, … Continue reading

Santa Fe Holiday Food Fun!

You’re invited to dinner in Santa Fe! In fact, we’re suspecting that you probably have a favorite Santa Fe Restaurant in mind, and we’d like to know what it is. Perhaps YOU will be the winner of our Facebook holiday … Continue reading

November Snow

Nearly ever year, sometime around the end of October, Santa Fe gets its first little snowfall to let us know that winter is on its way. This year the reminder came a little earlier, the weekend before Halloween, and the … Continue reading

Show Us Your Santa Fe

We invited lovers of Santa Fe to share their Santa Fe memories in pictures, and the response was swift and gratifying. Our Show Us Your Santa Fe Facebook contest garnered seventy beautiful pictures. It seems that the sights and the … Continue reading

Little things

Most of the leaves have come down from the aspen in the mountains above Santa Fe, and the highest peaks are already shining with the first snows of the season. The glorious light of late fall streams over the forests … Continue reading

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is too far from Santa Fe to qualify as a day trip – it’s about a seven hour drive from here to either the main visitor’s entrance at South Rim, or to the closest edge of the … Continue reading

The Galisteo Studio Tour

One of the great joys of the autumn season in Northern New Mexico is the annual round of village studio tours. Artists open their homes and studios to wandering aficionados of the arts in many of the picturesque small towns … Continue reading

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Welcomes Robert Henri Back to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, 217 Johnson Street, Santa Fe, 505-946-1000 There is nothing quite like a thoughtful retrospective of an artist’s work to encourage appreciation of that person’s talents and interests. With the good fortune to have the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum … Continue reading

New Mexico Studio Tours

One of the best things about autumn in New Mexico is the chance to wander to the artists’ studio tours that occur throughout the fall months. Not only is the weather truly superb, one can meet the artists, see their … Continue reading

Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta

Everybody seems to know about chile and New Mexico. But does everybody know how to pair our unique regional fare with fine wines? Given the vast quantity of vino out there in the world, selecting good taste and good value … Continue reading

Santa Fe Remembers

September 11, 2001….ten years….we remember…..

Viva La Fiesta de Santa Fe

The big art events are behind us, the Opera season has concluded, and now it’s time for the Santa Fe locals to have a party….a party that’s almost 300 years old! Although the City of Santa Fe celebrates its history … Continue reading

Show Us Your Santa Fe Photo Contest

We love Santa Fe…that must be obvious since we’ve chosen to make it our home! But we know that you love Santa Fe too, or you wouldn’t be visiting us. So we invite you to turn your Santa Fe memory … Continue reading

Upper Tesuque Creek

It’s been wonderful being able to hike again in the mountains above Santa Fe, and maybe even more wonderful that the summer rains have finally come through for us. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains east and north of town have … Continue reading

Santa Fe Opera Marathon

The Santa Fe Opera, Highway US 84/285 For tickets: Box Office 505-986-5900 and 800-280-4654, or by email boxoffice@santafeopera.org Truth be told, my outing was actually a trifecta, rather than a marathon, but perhaps you’ll get the idea. Over the years, I have wondered … Continue reading

The Santa Fe Show Pulls into the Railyard Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Show takes place August 12-15 and August 18-21 at El Museo Cultural, 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM, 505-660-4701 Such a simple title for what is surely a much more complex endeavor! Adding another major … Continue reading

SOFA Santa Fe

SOFA West Santa Fe 2010 takes place at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center located on the northeast corner of West Marcy and Grant Avenue from August 4-7. No, no, not a seating arrangement…it’s an acronym for Sculptural Objects and … Continue reading

Spanish Market = Timeless Santa Fe Travel

Summer in Santa Fe is the time of year when we celebrate the deep Hispanic roots of La Ciudad Diferente. It’s a satisfying experience to encounter a place that honors its traditional arts and, at the same time, celebrates the ingenuity of … Continue reading


After a brutally dry and windy late winter and spring here in the Southwest, I suppose it was inevitable that one of the Four Horsemen of the Western States would be unleashed: Fire. First Arizona, then Texas, and then, in … Continue reading

Santa Fe Opera Here and Now!

The Santa Fe Opera, Highway US 84/285 For tickets: Box Office 505-986-5900 and 800-280-4654, or by email boxoffice@santafeopera.org It’s a fact that some times of year are just more exciting than others. And for Santa Fe and its myriad of … Continue reading

Santa Fe Art This Summer

Santa Fe richly deserves its artistic reputation, and summer is a season that brings many opportunities to learn why. Free Friday evenings at the museums, First Friday Artwalks at the Railyard and Last Friday Artwalks in the West Palace and … Continue reading

Santa Fe Summer Music

As the days grow longer, the brilliant blue skies are laced with clouds, and the sunsets grow more dramatic. This means summer is here, and there’s more to do in the City Different! We know that one of the things visitors … Continue reading

Santa Fe History, Living and Thriving

El Rancho de las Golondrinas, 334 Los Pinos Rd, Santa Fe 505-471-2261 http://golondrinas.org/Museum_Info/Driving_Directions/index.html Just south of the city of Santa Fe, visitors can find a beautiful and unique place that seems almost unchanged by the winds of time. At the … Continue reading

Cooking Up Santa Fe Flavor

The Santa Fe School of Cooking is located at 116 West San Francisco Street , Santa Fe, NM  1-800-982-4688 or 505-983-4511 On Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SantaFeSchoolofCooking?sk=wall When people think of Santa Fe, frequently the first thing they think of is the food. … Continue reading

The Galisteo Basin Preserve

After a rather turbulent early spring with freezing nights, cold winds, and almost no moisture, the days are finally warming up here in Santa Fe. It has looked like spring since mid-April, but it certainly hasn’t felt like it. But … Continue reading

Simply Santa Fe South of Town

The Allan C. Houser Compound is located at 26 Haozous Road, 22  miles south of Santa Fe on Highway 14 “Simplicity appeals to me in a land where the simple things are respected and appreciated – simplicity is a way … Continue reading

Diet-Wise Dining in Santa Fe

This week, the Authentic Guide welcomes guest blogger, Billie Frank, of The Santa Fe Traveler, a Santa Fe concierge and travel-planning company. Billie is here with a Santa Fe visitors guide to finding the best places to eat when special … Continue reading

Navajo National Monument and a hike to Betatakin

Santa Fe, New Mexico, occupies a unique position in the spacious geography of the American Southwest. We bask in the invigorating climate of the Southern Rockies, which mount up to our north and east. The great rift valley of the … Continue reading

A Santa Fe Guy, A Santa Fe Gala

The Lensic Performing Arts Center at 211 West San Francisco Street  celebrates a 10th Anniversary Gala on April 16, 2011 The admiring glances seen every time we attend a performance event at the Lensic Performing Arts Center are a reminder … Continue reading

Santa Fe Dance goes East…Far East!

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble performs at the Lensic Performing Arts Center 211 West San Francisco St.  Santa Fe NM at 7:0pm on Friday, April 8, 2011 Tickets: http://www.ticketssantafe.org/tsf We’re lucky here in Santa Fe…lucky that so many people want to come … Continue reading

The Stone Lions Shrine in Bandelier National Monument

In spite of having a week off with splendid weather – except for today with its blowing dust – I chose to do spring cleaning and intensive yard work instead of hiking, and consequently I don’t have an up-to-the-minute entry … Continue reading

Santa Fe Earth Hour

What are YOU doing for Earth Hour? A global grass-roots movement begun in 2007 that encourages consumers large and small around the world to join in positive environmental action, Earth Hour can help you show your commitment to Planet Earth by … Continue reading

The Nature Journal

Although I’ve kept a written journal for many years, after I moved to Santa Fe, a friend introduced me to what is usually called nature journaling. A nature journal is a kind of sketchbook and written journal. It’s a place … Continue reading

More Local Santa Fe Dance

Invaders of the Heart: Revelation is performed on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 7pm at the James A Little Theatre, located on Cerrillos Raod Santa fe at the New Mexico School for the Deaf Just when you think you know … Continue reading

Santa Fe Dance puts Spring into Motion

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet appears on Friday, March 11 and Saturday March 12 at 7:30pm in the Lensic Performing Arts center on 211 West San Francisco Street in Santa Fe, NM Tickets at http://www.ticketssantafe.org/tsf We all know that our Santa … Continue reading

Hiking Barefoot

I like to hike barefoot. Not all the time – there are months here in the Santa Fe area when it’s simply too cold to be unshod. And there are other times when you are on a mission, for example, … Continue reading

Randall Davey Audubon Center

Sometimes you just need a quick getaway from town, a breath of fresh air, a place to stretch your legs without too many people around, and maybe a spot just to sit and be quiet for awhile. We have the … Continue reading

Santa Fe Travel Leads Home

Santa Fe may be a southwestern paradise, but we locals do leave on occasion, even if the time of year is foreboding…and even when the foreboding is borne out in fact! When the weather delays that froze up 2/3 of … Continue reading

North to Taos from Santa Fe!

This week, we are pleased to welcome as a guest blogger, Taos resident Susan Mihalic, who shares her thoughts on our neighbor to the north. Susan is a writer and editor who has lived in Taos since 1995. The Inn … Continue reading

Santa Fe Museum Hop & Shop

The Wheelwright Museum of the Almerican Indian, International Museum of Folk Art and Museum of Indian Arts and Culture are all located on Museum Hill, Camino Lejo in Santa Fe, NM New Mexico Museum of Art, 107 West Palace Avenue, … Continue reading

Santa Fe: Lucky to have the Lensic

The Lensic Performing Arts Center 211 West San Francisco Street in Santa Fe, NM Phone: 505.988.7050    Box Office: 505.988.1234 E-News at http://www.lensic.org/content/lensic_enews Total opera fan that I am, the time between summer seasons of the Santa Fe Opera seems … Continue reading

Happy New Year from Santa Fe

THE OLD YEAR has passed, and the new year is welcomed in with snowflakes and pinon smoke here in Santa Fe. The days will now grow longer, and we turn our thoughts to the many blessings we have enjoyed in … Continue reading

Sangre de Cristo

The Blood of Christ. Sangre de Cristo. An unusual name for a range of mountains in any part of the world. But if you happen to be in Santa Fe, or Espanola, or Taos, or up Colorado-way in the altiplano … Continue reading

The Canyon Road Farolito Walk

For most visitors to Santa Fe – not to mention those of us fortunate enough to live here – the highlight of the Christmas Season has to be the Farolito Walk on Canyon Road (and adjacent old Spanish calles) on … Continue reading

Cloud-hidden, Whereabouts unknown

Ever since our recent snow, the mountains above Santa Fe have been shrouded in thick clouds, the middle and higher peaks invisible behind the grey and white stratus that broods over the ranges. Since it’s only a short drive from … Continue reading


So if you are lucky enough to be staying with us here at Inn on the Alameda, perhaps in one of our snug little casitas like the one above, this morning you’d be waking up to a hushed world of … Continue reading

The Mystery of Christmas: Las Posadas

A cold winter night and the overriding need to seek shelter. Cruel setbacks from those in high places. Persistence in the face of denial. And at last, a humble welcome among the beasts and the straw, a place to rest, … Continue reading

For your inner Naturalist

I know this is the time of year when cultural offerings in Santa Fe become almost overwhelming, with the Christmas season approaching like the Polar Express. Night falls early and the orange farolitos glow from every rooftop in Old Santa … Continue reading

The Breath of Winter

I know it’s not nearly as impressive as what those of you back East are enjoying right now, but here in Northern New Mexico, it’s been getting down below freezing most nights for the past two or three weeks, and … Continue reading

Santa Fe: What is There to Do In Early December?

The short answer would be LOTS! With the onset of the holiday season, Santa Fe, like so many other wonderful destinations, comes alive! The wind is crisp, the scent of pinon is on the air, and holiday lights are lit. … Continue reading

Santa Fe Open House at IAIA

The Institute of American Indian Arts is located at 83 Avan Nu Po Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico While many cities can boast an art school or two, Santa Fe has unusual bragging rights by virtue of having an … Continue reading

Santa Fe for Families

Santa Fe is a wonderful destination for kids of all ages, but when the younger ones come along, sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to find something that will engage them in new ways. Art galleries and elegant restaurants … Continue reading

Santa Fe Red Reporting for New Mexico Elections

Engaging and educational! That’s what I would call a sudden opportunity to help cover the midterm elections for Albuquerque Public Radio, KANW-FM. Although I’ve been a conscientious voter since I first registered, this was the first time I’ve had any … Continue reading

On the Road to Santa Fe

The Hotel Parq Central is located at 806 Central Avenue SE in Albuquerque, NM 87102. You can reach the hotel at 505-242-0040 or info@hotelparqcentral.com Sometimes when you’re traveling, you simply can’t get to your destination right away. That’s certainly true … Continue reading

The Aspen

Sometimes you just don’t need to say very much. This is what it looks like in the mountains above Santa Fe right now: Come see us.

Georgia O’Keeffe: How Did She Do It?

O’Keeffiana: Art and Art Materials September 24, 2010 – May 08, 2011 Georgia O’Keeffe Museum: 217 Johnson Street Santa Fe, NM (505)946-1000 One of the most intriguing things about any artist’s oeuvre is the question of how it was accomplished. … Continue reading

The Pecos Wilderness and the Cave Creek Trail

Autumn has to be the best time to take walks and hikes in the Southern Rockies. The weather is mild, the sunshine glorious, and the inconvenience of an afternoon thunderstorm minimized. The aspen put on their annual fall spectacular – … Continue reading

Santa Fe Wine and Chile and What Else to Do!

Yet another busy summer is behind us, and the best time of the year for Santa Fe is here! Yes, “best” is quite a qualifier, but after 30+ years in New Mexico, I have come to believe that the months … Continue reading

Amazing Chaco Canyon

Of all the thousands of archaeological sites you can visit on a trip to the American Southwest, the remains of the Chacoan Great Houses, preserved in Chaco Culture National Historical Park –  a three hour drive west of Santa Fe … Continue reading

Santa Fe Fiesta: A Favorite Time of Year

A celebration that is almost 300 years old has certainly had time to age and mellow…but that’s not to say that one can call burning a 40-foot tall puppet a mellow way to start a festival! Moving the annual Fiesta … Continue reading

Santa Fe Fashion Outlets Goes Grottesco

OM: Ten Tiny Epics at an Outlet Mall will be at the Santa Fe Fashion Outlets throughout September 26, from Thursday through Sunday evenings at 7pm. Cutting edge at the Outlet Mall? Mais oui, it’s Santa Fe, a City Different, … Continue reading


There is something majestic about the month of August – a golden generosity, an expansiveness, a time of fullness. Summer’s intense light has crested, but the reservoirs of life are still filling and shining in the sun. Nowhere is this … Continue reading

Santa Fe Indian Market Says Indian Summer Soon!

Well, we hope it will be an Indian Summer! Weather in Santa Fe is always pretty decent, but like everyone else, we hate to see the warm days go with the summer. And with the much-anticipated arrival of the Santa … Continue reading

The Summer Monsoon

Many people are surprised to find out that Santa Fe’s rainy season corresponds almost exactly to the height of the tourist season – July and August. They become even more alarmed when the locals refer to this as the “monsoon”. … Continue reading

Sound as a Pound at the Santa Fe Opera!

The Santa Fe Opera presents Benjamin Britten’s Albert Herring with six performances: 7/31 (Premiere); 8/4; 8/13; 8/18; 8/21; and 8/25. For tickets: Call 505-986-5900 “All Hail, Albert!” After last week’s stunning premiere of Lewis Spratlan’s’ Life is a Dream, one … Continue reading

Life IS a Dream in Santa Fe

Life in Santa Fe is certainly dreamy in general, but even we who live in this southwestern dreamscape need the escape from reality that great art provides. Big dreams in the arts can pay off big time but there are … Continue reading

Santa Fe Spanish Market means La Herencia!

The 59th Annual Summer Spanish Market takes place from 8am to 5pm on Saturday, July 24 and 9am to 5pm on Sunday, July 25 on the Santa Fe Plaza. Each year, Santa Fe celebrates 400 years of Spanish heritage with … Continue reading

Never enough ART, Santa Fe!

ART Santa Fe 2010 takes place at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center located on the northeast corner of West Marcy and Grant Avenue from July 15-18. Hours: Gala Opening July 15 5-8pm; July 16 11am-7pm and 11am-6pm July 17-18 … Continue reading

SOFA Santa Fe? It’s NOT a couch!

SOFA West Santa Fe 2010 takes place at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center located on the northeast corner of West Marcy and Grant Avenue from July 8-11. Santa Fe is enjoying an embarrassment of riches in the art world … Continue reading

Summer + Santa Fe = Opera!

Quick! What was the first opera performed by the Santa Fe Opera in 1957? The answer? Madama Butterfly! And she is back in Santa Fe for the summer 2010 season! I first fell in love with opera right here in Santa … Continue reading

The Butterfly Meadow

Santa Fe National Forest: The Aspen Vista Trail The Aspen Vista Trail is probably the most popular trail in the Santa Fe area. The trailhead, with abundant parking, is around 14 miles from downtown Santa Fe, right along Hyde Park … Continue reading

A Special Santa Fe Summer Symposium

Located at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center on the NE corner of West Marcy Street and Grant Avenue from July 6-8, 2010. Registration in advance at tcarlson@royalroadtours.com Every summer, the art opportunities in Santa Fe seem to get better … Continue reading

The Zen Forest

Pecos Wilderness: The Winsor Trail The Winsor Trail is Santa Fe’s gateway into the Pecos Wilderness from the west. Its most popular trailhead is near the western end of the large parking area of Ski Santa Fe, at an elevation … Continue reading

Something Special on the Santa Fe Plaza

Running through June 14 nightly at 8:30 pm in the second story windows of the Shiprock Gallery on the NE corner of the Santa Fe Plaza What can one say about a four-hundred year-old destination? It’s timeless! That has been … Continue reading

The Acceleration into Summer

  Cerrillos Hills State Park: Jane Calvin Sanchez Trail Cerrillos Hills State Park has a number of trails, all of which you can see on the maps found on the website www.cerrilloshils.org. There is little shade in the park and … Continue reading

Tasty Santa Fe Recipes from the Inn on the Alameda

When you think of travel, one of the things that pops into your mind is what you had to eat that you wish you could have again. Food is definitely one of the elements that makes a journey memorable, and … Continue reading

The Rio En Medio Trail

Trail name: Rio En Medio: map link here. Recommended seasons: The lower part of this trail is an all-seasons trail, although it can be icy in winter. There are a number of shallow water crossings and you’re likely to get … Continue reading

Vegetarian Santa Fe

True confessions: I am not so mindful as to have given up animal protein, but I do enjoy my healthful veggies along with those who are working their admirable way towards a higher consciousness. This kind way of eating is … Continue reading

Eyes on the ground: Hiking the Dale Ball Trails in Santa Fe

  Trail name: Dale Ball Trails South: map  link here and here. Recommended seasons: These are all-seasons hikes. The trails can be snowy in winter but they are unsuitable for snowshoes. The Dale Ball Trail system ranges in elevation from 7000′ to 9000′ above … Continue reading

One-stop Santa Fe Shopping

Uh-Oh! Didn’t remember to call Santa Fe Baskets to create a lovely gift basket for Mom this Sunday? Not a problem, you can do it yourself! Don’t have a basket? Head for Cost Plus at Sanbusco! Buy the basket and … Continue reading

A Bad Day for Geology

Perhaps I should modify that to say “a bad day for doing geology”, as in, it’s really hard to find subtle contacts in the rock record when the ground is covered in two inches of fresh snow, and the trail … Continue reading

A Santa Fe Museum Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, my grand-daughter and I were crafting some beads and charms for her to use in creating a hand-made gift for her mom. As we looked through my high-school-vintage jewelry box for ideas, we … Continue reading

The Circle Trail

The snow is slowly retreating from the mountains above Santa Fe, although winter never gives up without a fight in the Rocky Mountains. There was a dazzling new coat of white on the high peaks only a few days ago, … Continue reading

See Santa Fe like a Local

If you’ve been traveling through the blogosphere with us over the last month, you’ll note that the quest for free entertainment has been an ongoing process. Travels in the east stimulated a search for some things a traveler can do … Continue reading

Subduction leads to orogeny

That’s a little bit of lame undergraduate geology student humor, occasionally seen on bumper stickers. A sort of an inside joke – but one with more than a grain of truth about it. An orogeny is an episode of mountain-building, … Continue reading

Santa Fe Spring

Springing up all over Santa Fe are the daffodils and the tulips, the forsythia and the hyacinths. All over town, happy smiles and gusty breezes prove that winter’s travails are behind us. It’s time to slow your mind from that 55 … Continue reading

Ghost Ranch and the Rim Vista Trail

One of the most rewarding day trips you can make during your visit to Santa Fe is an excursion up to the village of Abiquiu and beyond, past Georgia O’Keeffe’s house (where you might want to pre-arrange a tour) and … Continue reading

Free Money, Free Rest

Free Money? If only! But the fabled money tree does exist, even if the money is just paper! As I wound down a sojourn in the midwest, I continued my search for free entertainment, especially welcome in these economic times … Continue reading

Bandelier from above: the Frey Trail

You would think, after all the hiking I’ve done around Santa Fe and northern New Mexico over the years, that I would have discovered this overlooked gem long ago. But it took a last minute change of plans, leading me … Continue reading

Making the Most of Free

Having just had a great free viewing experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art, I set out to explore other free art options here in my hometown. While not all museums have the luxury of an endowment that allows for … Continue reading

The Dale Ball Trails: Picacho Peak

It’s finally that time of year when a young man’s thoughts lightly turn to – hiking! Or for that matter the thoughts of anybody stimulated and made restless by the first warm weather we’ve had all year. The snow hasn’t … Continue reading

Art Wants to be Free

A Free Museum? That’s a novel concept! As it happens, however, it’s not so novel after all, as evidenced by the Cleveland Museum of Art, with free admission since the museum opened in 1916. Away from Santa Fe for a … Continue reading

Moving in Place Moves into Santa Fe

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum once again honors a renowned painter in the third installation of its “Living Artists of Distinction” series with a large show of works by Susan Rothenberg. This continuing artistic exploration has as its goal the exposition … Continue reading

The Snow Forest

  Ok, ok, so we’re all a little tired of snow now. Like that eight inches of wet fluff that fell just last night. But while we are very much looking forward to springtime here in Santa Fe, far above us, in … Continue reading

One on One in Santa Fe

SITE Santa Fe continues to open the minds and the eyes of the City Different with its new exhibition, “One on One,” which runs through May 9 of this year. A suite of works by five artists, this expansive show … Continue reading

Going to Maars in New Mexico

No, that is not a typo. A maar is a type of volcano. New Mexico is infested with them, statistically speaking. By now you may have noticed that I seem to talk about volcanoes and volcanic features rather often. It’s … Continue reading

Santa Fe Serves Up Restaurant Week

Great dining destinations deserve great deals once in a while…and New Mexico delivers with its first annual restaurant week! For two exciting weeks, Santa Fe and Albuquerque restaurants will be upping the ante in the kitchen while they’re dropping the … Continue reading

Natural Albuquerque: The Rio Grande Nature Center

It’s funny how, even in urban areas, nature makes a stand if you give her half a chance. Sometimes she’s a little too pushy, of course, if you count earthquakes and hurricanes – or termites –  those times she lets … Continue reading

A Feast for the Eyes and the Schools

Time to put on the walking shoes and clean your glasses for gallery-going! It’s lucky year number 13 for the annual Santa Fe ArtFeast, a benefit event for ARTSmart, the local organization whose mission includes the placement of art supplies … Continue reading

Opera Now, Santa Fe Later

Valentine’s Day was the right moment for talking about sweets, but anytime is the right time for listening to sweet music. For Santa Fe Opera lovers, a visit to a great opera city like New York can stave off the … Continue reading

The Mancos Shale: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Of all the rocks in the American West, perhaps the least loved – or at least, the most overlooked – is the Mancos Shale. Rather than forming the spectacular buttes and spires that draw people to the Southwest, this dull … Continue reading

Sweet Santa Fe

So, you’ve got the hotel room lined up, dinner reservations have been made, but there’s a sweet little something that is missing. Could it be CHOCOLATE? Any special occasion like Valentine’s Day has a chocolate quotient to attain and naturally, … Continue reading

Hidden Treasures: The White Rock Overlook

When you are making that drive to Bandelier National Monument, or taking a day trip to hike in the Valle Grande National Preserve, don’t forget to make a short side trip through the little town of White Rock to enjoy … Continue reading

Brushing Up on the Arts

When I was in New York last week, as prepared as I was for winter weather, Manhattan surprised me with sunshine, kindly providing my daily dose of Vitamin D. We Santa Fesinos are spoiled by the sun, with 300+ days … Continue reading

The Randall Davey Audubon Center

If you are staying in downtown Santa Fe – perhaps with us here at Inn on the Alameda – and you need a quick taste of the natural world, there is no better choice than Santa Fe’s Audubon Center just … Continue reading

Santa Fe Paints the Town Red

Like many of our guests, hoteliers these days are staying closer to home themselves, but every now and then, business elsewhere beckons. In combination with the value of experiencing a hotel as a guest, a trip to the Big City … Continue reading

Snow, Glorious Snow!

The Pacific storms that have been soaking Southern California have been doing us a bit of good, here in Northern New Mexico, and this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to strike out for the high country and see what … Continue reading

Pilobolus at Popejoy

Sometimes Santa Fe goes South! To Albuquerque, that is. In the past, when the Pilobolus troupe has had tour dates in the Southwest, our beautifully-restored Lensic has generally been one of their stops. This year, not. I don’t know whether the … Continue reading

The Last Days of Pompeii

One of those must-do day trips on your visit to Santa Fe is a drive to Bandelier National Monument, just south of Los Alamos, a place where you can walk along the shaded Rito de Frijoles under the pines and … Continue reading

Any Season is a Good Time for Art in Santa Fe

Now that the “holidaze” are over, once again, there is time to come up for air. And an excellent way to re-center is to immerse the mind and soul in the contemplation of nature. What do you do, though, when … Continue reading

Under the Volcano

Last week I mentioned that I would be giving a little overview of the geology of the Cerrillos Hills, and here it is. Before I begin, however, I would like to direct the attention of those more serious inquirers and … Continue reading

Food for Thought in Santa Fe

So you’ve had your share of red chile, green chile and beans  - what do you do for a change? This question has become more complicated for those who have chosen to forego animal products, and if you’re vegan, the … Continue reading

The Cerrillos Hills

The Cerrillos Hills, a low but rugged cluster of arid hills about 25 miles south of Santa Fe, have such an anomalously rich natural and cultural history that it is impossible to write about them in a single serving. You … Continue reading

Native New Year

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already winding to a close, with the New Year just around the corner! There is still time to catch a Pueblo dance, however, and I recommend this experience highly. I have been … Continue reading

Thank you, Santa!

  Well, Santa pulled through with the snowshoes, and I gave them a test drive on Christmas day. The nice thing about snowshoes is the fact that they open up huge new tracts of the forest to hiking. And they … Continue reading

Holiday Spirits

Have you been to Keshi? If you’re like me, the answer is “yes,” many times over. Whenever I need a unique  gift for a special person, this quiet little shop is the first place that comes to mind, and the … Continue reading

20 Years and Still Cookin’

Have an hour to spare this Saturday afternoon? On December 19th, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., the Santa Fe School of Cooking celebrates its 20th year of welcoming locals and travelers alike into their kitchen for a taste of New … Continue reading

Go for Baroque for the Holidays

If there’s a better place than the Loretto Chapel in which to hear baroque music in Santa Fe, I don’t know it! And Santa Fe Pro Musica does it up right every year for the holidays with their annual Baroque … Continue reading

The Snowy Sangre

Winter is here in Santa Fe, and the ski bunnies were rushing up the mountain on Saturday for the official opening of Ski Santa Fe, with its 29 inch base, newly freshened late last week, as you can see in … Continue reading

Nutty for the Nutcracker

Snow is on the ground, Christmas lights are twinkling in the crisp air, and it’s time for the Sugar Plum Fairy! While it’s easy to think of the Nutcracker as a hoary old chestnut, it’s a fact that this ballet … Continue reading

The Ponderosa Pine

The Southern Rockies are covered in conifers of all kinds, but the one that seems to gather all the superlatives is the magnificent – and abundant – Western Yellow Pine, or, as it is more commonly know, the Ponderosa. Santa … Continue reading

Sights – and Sounds – at SITE Santa Fe

I love SITE Santa Fe! It’s a terrific anchor in our active and growing Railyard, and it makes a great backdrop for the weekend artists’ market and the other galleries in the area. It’s a wonderful space for viewing art, … Continue reading

The Invitation: Aspen Vista Trail in the Sangre de Cristos

Gloomy weather is always Nature’s way of veiling a secret undertaking on her part that will take more than the usual effort on your part to discover. It’s much more comfortable to stay warm and dry inside when the day … Continue reading

Breathe Deeply: Santa Fe’s Chamisa Trail

Golden brown oak leaves along the Chamisa Trail. If you spend a moment near these bushes, you might spot a few bright blue Steller’s Jays poking through the leaves and flouncing their jet black crests at each other, like I … Continue reading

Santa Fe Recycled Art Fair: What Santa Fe Artists Do With Other People’s Cast-Offs

Yes, it’s over, but it sure was interesting! Everything but the kitchen sink, and maybe that was there too, and I just didn’t see it! The Santa Fe Recycled Art Fair was held last weekend at El Museo Cultural – … Continue reading

Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian ~ The Little Gem of Santa Fe’s Museum Hill

One of the hidden gems of Santa Fe is the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian. Perched up on Museum Hill, but not part of the Museum of New Mexico system, this petite treasure house is a great museum visit … Continue reading


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